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Clinical Microbiology

Streamline workflow, save money and improve the quality and consistency of your bacterial cultivation.

Reliable and Quality Controlled Environments

Anaerobic bacteria are common causes of infection and will be missed in clinical diagnosis unless special precautions are taken for their isolation and culture. With anaerobic culture, microbiologists are not only challenged with obtaining a good specimen, but also with ensuring that the specimen does not come in contact with air.

With the Anoxomat Anaerobic Jar System, automatically and easily create exact, repeatable environments to keep clinical labs productive so patients can get treated quickly and spend less time in the hospital. Anoxomat easily fits into your workflow, while saving money and improving the quality and consistency of your bacterial cultivation.

Ensure Exact Environment Required in Minutes

With the Anoxomat anaerobic jar system by Advanced Instruments, you’ll get the flexibility to simultaneously maintain multiple types of anaerobic, micro-aerophilic, and capnophilic environments on your benchtop for fast and reliable bacterial growth and larger colonies.

Save Money Annually Compared to Gaspak Methods

Less hazardous waste disposal than gas generating sachet systems can save a lab $3,500-$7,500/ year, leading to savings up to $10,000 annually in tech time.

*Saving up to $10,000 annually in technologist time – not included in above cost savings graph

Ease of use and reproducibility of results are excellent. I would recommend this product for any microbiology department to ensure proper anaerobic conditions are met!

Stefanie Taitano, Keesler Airforce Base

Popular Educational Resources

We’ve provided resources that discuss the various use cases, and benefits of utilizing Advanced Instruments’ Anoxomat III Anaerobic Jar System.


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Associated Products

Palladox™ Disposable Sachet

The single-use Palladox disposable sachet is designed specifically to work with the Anoxomat System. The easy-to-use catalyst will simplify your anaerobic sample testing by minimizing catalyst handling time

Ergonomic Jars

Our light-weight, Ergonomic jars, provide flexibility and ease-of-use for lab techs, while maximizing incubator and laboratory space

Standard Jars

Anoxomat Standard jars are available in a variety of sizes

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Clinical Services

Get the best performance from your instrument from the people who designed and built it. We provide a range of services and service plans to meet the different needs of our customers. Our certified Field Service Engineers provide on-site professional support for the installation, training, validation, and maintenance of your osmometers, anaerobic jar systems, CSF cell counters, and neonatal bilirubin analyzers.