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Vaccine Production using Mammalian Cells



同渗重摩测试是需要确保final vaccine product is safe for administration. The osmolality must be within a physiological range to be introduced in human tissues. There is also evidence that injectable formulations with high osmolality may cause pain at the site of injection.

疫苗are derived from a variety of sources, both living and synthetic, meaning a variety of bioproduction workflows are required. These workflows include some common use cases for osmolality testing such as cell culture monitoring, buffer media preparation, and final QC.

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Accelerating The Timeline to Develop mRNA Based Vaccines

mRNA can be complexed with different agents (e.g. PEI) for delivery within the body. Osmolality impacts the stability of the complex of viral models and the ability to penetrate the target cell membrane.


Thomas Kelly, Scientist at Janssen R&D LLC

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